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Azure | File Sync (preview) first look

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hey All,

After the release of the preview of Azure File Sync (link) yesterday at MS Ignite i deployed  the Azure File Sync service.

After deployment this is what it looks like.

After Deployment i downloaded the Azure Storage Sync agent here. The installation takes a long time!

After installation the server registration utility opens as the documentation desribes.

Sign in with your Azure Credentials and select the deployed Storage Sync Service.

After the sign in and the selection of the Sync Service, youre ready to go.

Hit refresh in the Azure Portal and youre server should there and online. The operating system is not presented correctly! the version is 1.1

Now you have to create a Sync Group to get the magic. First put in a name, and after that select a storage account. (There must be a storage account with a Azure File Share)

At the moment only one Azure File Share can participate in a Sync Group and it must be in the same region as this Storage Sync Service.

After the creation of the sync group you have to Specify a path for the sync.

After the adding the server endpoint the sync should start and you can monitor the status by selecting the server endpoint.

So the first look is fine! Maybe the local path option could be a multiple selection option.

Documentation about Azure File Sync:

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